As a mineral prospector, Mick Shemesian absolutely defies the stereotype of his profession. He doesn’t wear overalls and a big hat and he doesn’t carry his tools on a burro through the canyons of the American Southwest. That does not mean he is not really good at his job. The fact is, mineral prospecting is a highly skilled profession that plays an enormously important role in the world economy. Whether a prospector is searching for gold, silver, oil, coal, diamonds, or some other mineral that is critical to building technologically advanced systems, the mineral prospector is usually involved in every step and every stage of the process, from start to finish.

Because he is intent on being as good as he can be, Mick Shemesian believes strongly in using the newest and most effective technologies to maintain the constant flow of certain minerals. He knows that is a sure way to keep the global economy productive and moving forward. The efforts of mineral prospectors like Mick Shemesian are important elements to keeping minerals prices as steady as possible. That is a good outcome for everyone, from companies and manufacturers to consumers.

Mick Shemesian has been a professional mineral prospector for more than 20 years. Over that time has built up a great reputation, based on his record of success as a proven prospector who is deeply involved with the identification, review, and analysis of mineral deposits all over the world. Because of the volatility of most other markets, it has become increasingly important to keep the market for minerals as stable as possible.